What is detox or detoxification ?

What is detox or detoxification

Detox is a process that helps us clean our blood system – detoxification refers to the clensing system that removes the harmful toxins from the body.

Detox diets are generally diets that aim for natural foods, staying away from colourings,sugars and modified food.

How important is detoxification?

From day to day we hear the best way to prologue life is by replenishing our body using detox diets, is this information true ?

This fact is quite simple, within our body we all have natural filters, our liver is one of these biggest filters within body. The liver is also largest organ in the body and is our own built in detoxing mechanism, the liver is so important because it helps clean our blood stream daily. In order for the liver to keep working hard it needs water, this is so that it can cycle properly by  removing the toxins that entre our body.  Normally these toxins are refered to as baddies. So in order to keep all the baddies out of our system we need to drink water and eat a good balanced diet. Just remember to drink at least water 2 litres a day and eat natural foods with a high water content and this is one of the best ways you can help your liver funcation which will inturn keep your blood stream clean and pure. Try not to drink over two litres of water, as if you drink too much water it can remove vital minerals and nutrients from your liver and can have a reverse affect.


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