Why diet, which diet and what diet.


Why do we diet?

A question that has a reasonable answer.

We diet so that we can lose weight! Obvious you might think, but often wrong. There is an enormous range of diets, each targeting the different aspects of the foods we consume each day. Whether we are eating only protein food substances in our diet, or maybe separating our carbs and fats at meal times, does this make a difference? Some people would say yes, most people would say no. The truth of the matter is that most of the books and videos are just a money making schemes. Just 3% of all diets work and first you have to find the right diet for yourself.

For example, your friend has been handing you the latest hype in the dieting world. This friend tells you about the amazing lost 2lbs of weight over the last 3 weeks and promotes the plan to you. Do you think you could lose the same in such short time?

If your answer is yes then think twice ! Each human body is different from the next and what works for one person may not work for you. If it does, then normally this will mean that the diet is not aiming at fat loss but muscle tissue loss too. Once you lose muscle it is near enough impossible to replace it!

If you are starting a new diet plan, contact your local G.P. Show them the plan you are interested in starting, and remember the key to losing weight is regular fitness and a balanced diet.


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