What are waist strips and what is its role in weight loss?

What are waist strips and what is its role in weight loss? - Fitness Health

The weight loss industry makes a lot of money every year on just selling equipment and advice to people who want to shed their weight as soon as possible and now they have everyone hitting the market to grab the Waist Strips, but the question arises do they actually work?

Waist Strips bring the new trend to get the slimmer waist, and the hourglass body shape every girl dreams off, with it promising to take inches off from your waist as well as comprising your fat cells might be the most misleading weight loss statement ever.

What Is A Waist Strip?

A Waist strip or a belt is a product which is designed to increase your workout results, and it is made of a material like neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber which causes the body to heat up, but it does absorb the sweat that your body releases. It also causes your fat cells to compressing allowing them to take up less space.

Now the truth about these waist strips is they do help you lose weight, but they do not burn your belly fat, so what do these strips do?

  • How Does The Waist Strips Work?
  1. These Waist strips do not breathe at all due to the non-porous synthetic rubber they are made off, so any sweat that you produce will be trapped by the fabric you are wearing. When you take this belt off, the perspiration will be collected on your skin, and you will experience a slight difference due to the loss of water only, but keep in mind it will go back to being normal as soon as you rehydrate yourself.


  1. Since the 18th Century women have been wearing garments compressing their stomachs like corsets and shapewear, giving men the illusion of a slimmer waist. This is exactly how a waist strip works, it compresses your stomach and makes you look thinner increasing your posture and appearance. Keep in mind this will not make your stomach fat; a flatten stomach can only be achieved by exercising and a healthy diet.


  1. Most importantly, People should remember losing weight, not magic it takes hard work and determination and wearing just a belt around your waist just can’t do it all for you. Losing weight is a mixture of great exercises including crunches, lunges and running as well as a great healthy diet because you need to lower down the calories you consume if you need to look like a model.


Any difference that we see on the scale after working out with a waist strip is solely due to the loss of water in our body, and this gives an impression of weight loss but as soon as you chug down the first beverage you can get your hands on, the scale will return to your normal weight.


When it comes down to losing weight, there is no plan B; you have to get up and exercise as well as plan a good diet, reduce your calorie intake and increase the amount of physical activity is the best way to lose the weight that’s bothering you.



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