homemade sub baguettes

recipe makes 24 white sub baguettes


  • 2340 g  flour
  • 50 g  bread improver
  • 60 g  salt
  • 75 g  yeast
  • 1400 ml warm water


  1. x all dry ingredients together for 5 minutes, add bread starter and mix
  2. then add the water slowly until dough is formed, 10 minutes
  3. remember when dough is reached you want to achieve nice soft dough not to wet or dry, test bounce use  finger press into dough should bounce back
  4. cut into 24 x 160g pieces and roll into bread roll, do this by pressing down on the dough, then make a clockwise motion  cupping your hand as you raise up, the dough will form a ball.
  5. place in side and cover with wet towel, prove for another 30 minutes.
  6. once proved take bun and fold into baguette, do this by gently turning dough inside to form log like shape.
  7. roll out long using you fingers open spread the dough to half baguette shape
  8. place on to greased tray and prove in mildly warm area for 50 minutes, your looking to increase the size by double from the active yeast action. Should raise to large bun. Make sure tray is covered either with damp towel or cling film, remember not to wrap to tight so dough can raise.
  9. pre heat oven for 20 minutes at 180 c, place trays into oven make sure you don’t knock tray when placing into oven.
  10. cook for 23 minutes, the remove and chill.
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