Bolognese Recipe


200 grams Mince beef

2 Garlic cloves

2 Large onions

1 Carrot

¼ Fresh Chilli


1 tbsp Mixed Herb

Tsp Sugar

Tbsp Vinegar


2 tbsp tomato Puree

1 tin tomatoes

Fresh basil


1. Place pan on medium heat, add oil into pan wait for a minute then add garlic & chilli cook a further minute then add half onions

2. Add Beef mince and tomato puree, then cook out meat and drain off excess fat oil then season

3. Add rest of onions, cook for 4 minutes on medium heat

4. Then add the tomatoes and mushrooms. Whilst on heat grate carrot into sauce cook for a further 5 minutes

5. Add herbs ,gastric(vinegar and sugar )at the end, then finish with fresh basil

If unsure please look at gastric recipe, gastric will help enhance the tomato taste giving a smoother and sharped taste

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