steamed cod mornay


300g cod,

2 leeks

100 ml stock (fish or chicken stock)

150 ml milk

50 ml white wine

2 Bay leaves

30g butter

Tbsp parsley

35g cheddar Cheese


1. Prepare fish, remove bones and skin

2. Place stock, milk and bay leaves on cooking range at medium heat

3. Place fish into steaming tray and cover, put steaming tray on top of milk saucepan cook for 10 minutes.

4. Chop parsley and grate cheese

5. Slice leeks, put shallow frying pan in olive oil on low heat

6. When fish is ready remove from saucepan, turn heat up to full and reduce the stock 1 minute

7. Add white then make roux mix and add into sauce allowing to thicken 2 minutes

8. Place cooked fish in oven with grated cheese for 3 minutes

9. Remove and plate leeks, then fish and cover with sauce


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