yorkshire pudding




1 pint whole eggs

1 pint of flour

1 pint of milk

Vegetable oil ( as required)




  1. Break eggs and fill pint glass, then place into a bowl beat and mix milk
  2. Add flour and seasoning, mix together until thick batter is formed
  3. Fill cup holder or muffin baking tray with half cups of vegetable oil
  4. Place into hot oven, oven needs to be 280 C, leave tray in for 10 mins make sure the oil is boiling hot
  5. Bring out from oven, make sure that no heat is lost close oven and carefully fill cups with Yorkshire batter
  6. Open and place tray into oven quickly at 280c, leave for 10-15 mins high raise is achieved with golden brown shine.

easy recipe to follow  and great with roast dinners!

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