Homemade fruit Chutney



1 3cm cubed Ginger

3 cloves Garlic

1 tin chopped Tomatoes300g

50g dried Apricots

2 fresh Apples

1 cup Orange juice

1 Cloves

1 Cardamom pods

2 white Onions

40g brown Sugar

40ml white wine Vinegar

30 ml Olive oil


  1. Shallow fry the garlic, ginger and onions together until lightly golden
  2. Add tomatoes, cloves and cardamom pods leave on medium heat for 10 mins
  3. Add fruit apples, apricots and orange juice cook for a further 15 mins on medium heat
  4. Put vinegar and sugar into the mix and caramelize sauce
  5. Season well, leave cool and place in fridge, will keep for up to 3 months

remember that recipes are guide lines to follow, you can always add to the recipe to suit your needs

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