homemade pizza dough recipe








3 1/2 cups strong flour


1 cup warm water


2 tablespoons yeast


1 tablespoons Honey or sugar


1/4 cup olive oil or butter


1/2 teaspoon salt




1. Place all dried ingredients into a bowl and mix together, (flour, salt, yeast and sugar if needed ) do for 3 minutes to make sure all powder is mixed (turn on oven)

2. Add honey , olive oil and warm water and knead together until dough is formed

3. Form ball of dough in flour, Leave cover and rest for 5 minutes

4. Press out dough to form pizza shape, place on baking tray and blind bake in pre heated oven for 3 minutes on 180 f.

5. Take out leave on side and cover with toppings.

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