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Best vegetarian bagel recipe - Fitness Health

I love bagels in the morning, it's the best ways to start the day, I can't explain why a bagel is so good is it the way it tastes when toasted. 

For the best vegetarian bagel for breakfast idea for this recipe you will need the following, I always use Gouda cheese with this recipe. I love the taste of Gouda in the morning,  I remember as a child my grandfather would always go to get fresh cheese Gouda cheese  in the morning for breakfast. In Belgium and France this was a normal for daily task for most families. I fell in love with the taste Gouda and it would always take me back to my great memories of the breakfast celebration in Belgium, this is a thing of the past where the effort for fresh bread, cheese and meats would be a normal task every morning.


Gouda cheese has a unique taste and when you combine this with egg and avocado this is a match made in heaven.

For the best vegetarian bagel for breakfast idea for this recipe you will need the following

one free range egg and some Gouda cheese  what avocado halved, one tomato sliced some fresh spinach and not forgetting one bagel. 

Cut the Bagel in half and place in the toaster place a frying pan on medium heat add oil and wait until pan gets hot. In the meantime prepare the avacado and tomato.  

Once pan is hot add the egg fry for 2 minutes on one side , and start toasting the Bagel. After 2 minutes flip the egg and fry for 1 minutes. The Bagel should be ready so once toasted take out and butter the Bagel place on a plate and add the layers together avacado, tomato, cheese, egg and spinach. 



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