chicken fillet, poached kale with roasted red pepper sauce

Chicken fillet, poached kale with roasted red pepper sauce


Pan fried mini chicken fillets on a bed of poached kale with a roasted red pepper sauce. This low carbohydrate recipe is ultra healthy and low in calories

    Recipe followed should take 20 minutes to prepare and cook.



    400g  Fresh mini chicken breast fillets  (Always best to use free range chickens when possible)

    200g Fresh Kale (chopped) 

    Olive oil 1/6 cup 

    1 Red onion sliced 

    2 Red peppers roasted 

    Salt and pepper 

    1 Handful fresh basil 


    1. Place sauce pan 1/4 filled with salted water and kale on heat cook on high heat for 6 minutes 
    2. Place frying pan on High heat, whilst the pan is getting hot roll the chicken in a little olive oil and salt & pepper seasoning. Place into hot pan and cook for 2 minutes each side  sealing the chicken
    3. Once cooked evenly 2 minutes per side take off heat and place to one side. Add onions and saute for 2 minutes Turn oven on gas mark 6 | 200 degrees Celsius 
    4. Remove kale from water and drain, place in round roasting tin. Then place the onions on the kale with seared chicken. 
    5. Dee seed the roasted peppers (if not already done). Place in blender and add olive oil and fresh basil ( dried can be an alternative). Blend until thick paste is formed, place on top of 
    6. Place in oven for 15 mins at gas mark 6 | 200 degrees Celsius 
    7. Remove from oven and serve 


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