How to make and bake Cheese Scones

How to make and bake Cheese Scones - Fitness Health

How to make and bake Cheese Scones

Baking scones is a enjoyable and rewarding process. Ideal for home baking for any  rainy day.This simple scone recipe is easy to make and takes around 40 minutes in total to complete.

Most important tip is to lightly work the dough to keep the air in the mix to help the scones raise. 


  • 450 g Plain flour
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 150g grated cheese
  • 75g butter grated / or small cubed 
  • pinch cayenne pepper / or paprika 
  • pinch salt
  • pinch pepper
  • 175 ml Cream / Milk 


Pre heat oven gas mark 8 / 220 degrees 

Mix dry ingredients together until light biscuit mixture reached , be careful not to over work mix.

Slowly pour in the cream to the dry mix and fold together lightly until everything just binds

Place on to work top, press down and cut into squares 2 inches depth and 4 inches squared .

Place onto greased or tray lined with backing paper. Place in oven and cook at gas make 8 / 220 degrees for 4 minutes. Then reduce the heat to gas mark 6 / 180 degrees and cook for a further 16-18 minute's.

Once cooked remove from oven and cool on tray. 

Tip; Don't allow the mixture to stand too long. Once the dough is formed roll out cut and place in the oven.

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450 g Plain flour → 15.87 oz Plain flour
3 tsp baking powder → 3 tsp baking powder (no conversion needed for teaspoons)
150g grated cheese → 5.29 oz grated cheese
75g butter grated/or small cubed → 2.65 oz butter grated/or small cubed
pinch cayenne pepper/or paprika → pinch cayenne pepper/or paprika (no conversion needed for a pinch)
pinch salt → pinch salt (no conversion needed for a pinch)
pinch pepper → pinch pepper (no conversion needed for a pinch)
175 ml Cream/Milk → 5.92 oz Cream/Milk


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