Scrambled egg on bagel with heck veggie sausages

Scrambled egg on bagel with heck veggie sausages - Fitness Health

Scrambled Egg on bagel with @heckveggie sausage and #drwills
Vegan tomato sauce

This great tasting breakfast recipe is packed full of nutrients and goodness.


3 Free range 🍳

1 Tablespoon of olive oil

1 bagel 🥯

1/2 Cup of semi skimmed organic milk 🥛

1 pack #heckvegansausages


Fry in shallow oil frying pan heck veggie sausages on medium low heat keep moving whilst preparing other ingredients.

Place a saucepan on medium heat, add a little oil then bring the heat. Whisk the eggs together adding a little salt and pepper to the egg mix, add the milk and then whisk a little further.

Place the bagel into the toaster

Once the pan has reached heat place the egg mix into the sauce pan and cook. Make sure that you use a wooden spoon or spatchel to keep moving the egg mix in the sauce pan.This normally with take 3 minutes on high heat. Once cooked drain all the excess liquid from the cooked scrambled eggs

Once the toast is ready place on plate then serve with scrambled egg with sausages and dr wills vegan tomato sauce 

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