3 Resistance Band Exercises That Will Tone Your Chest




If you’re looking for stronger and more defined chest muscles, resistance bands can get you there without having to pay top dollar for a big, bulky piece of exercise equipment. In fact, you can do them most anywhere, which makes the bands a great workout option whether you are at home, on the road, or stuck in your office for the next 12 hours.

Here are three moves that will get your chest muscles in top shape:

Band Exercise #1: Pushup

Do a regular pushup with the end of the band in each hand and the rest of it draped across your upper back. This adds more resistance when you are pushing yourself off the ground, working not only your chest harder, but also your arms, upper back, and shoulders too.

Band Exercise #2: Chest Press

Either lie on your back, sit on an incline, or stand straight up, keeping the end of the band in each hand and the band itself wrapped around your upper back like you did with the pushup. Slowly push against the resistance of the band, extending your arms until your elbows are almost straight out before returning to the start position.

Band Exercise #3: Fly

Lie on your back with your arms fully extended at your side and at shoulder height. Just as with the previous two moves, the band will be across your upper back with the ends held in each hand. Keeping the arms straight out, lift them up until they are straight above you as if you are reaching for the ceiling before slowly lowering them back to the start position.

Do three sets of 8 to 10 reps for each exercise and you’ll feel the burn in your chest, as well as in other areas of your upper body, helping you create more definition. Once you’ve mastered these moves with a light band, move up in strength to get a better workout – and better results!

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