Best exercises for building muscle with resistance bands

The best resistance training with bands.

Did you know that you are able to achieve over 140lbs resistance with all the bands combined together!

When training with resistance bands you can use a simple pyramid training system, it's the best way of building strength and muscle together.

This pyramid  method is easy and involves alternating bands and reps over a number of sets.

First its good to warm the muscle up, by using the lower weights and high reps, each set should get progressively heavier and the reps should reduce.

For example if you use this exercise


Seated lower back rows- all levels  

Muscles ; Traps, triceps, delts & shoulders

1. Hold on the handles with overhand grip hands in line with sit with legs forward, hold arms in front stretched out front of your shoulders.

3.. Keep your shoulders in place, don’t lean back use arms to pull to chest, when maximum resistance level is reached, hold for 2 seconds then return to start position and repeat.









When using the resistance bands I change the weights every set I complete.

Set 1    yellow band- resistance  10lb - 10 reps

set 2   yellow & Blue band - resistance 30lb  - 9 reps

set 3  yellow, blue & red band - resistance 60lbs  - 8 reps

set 4   yellow, blue, red and green - resistance 100lbs - 6 reps

set 5    yellow, blue, red, green and black - 4 reps









Complete the exercises with using this scale,

Work from sets 1 to 5 then 5 to 1

Pyramid training is great for increasing muscles strength and size, this method of training is not suited for beginners , but would focus more on people whom have been training for over six months and want to move to the next level.

I completed the workout with this resistance set 


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