Resistance Band Reverse Fly Exercise

Resistance Band Exercise Reverse Chest Fly

Excellent exercise for strengthening the upper back trapezius muscle. This can be a good exercise for correcting your posture, if you tend to lean with your shoulder hunched over then performing this exercise regularly will help draw you shoulders back and push your chest out into the correct position. 

1. Hold on the handles with overhand grip attached to a bar. Do not stand  straight bend at knee. Keep arms straight with palms facing each other .

2.Pull laterally drawing your hands away from the central line of the body. When shoulders reach maximum point hold for 1 second then return to start position.


Keep a slight bend at the knees and feet in line with shoulders. Keep arms in same position during exercise. Fitness health is not responsible for any accidents caused during training. We recommend that you consult a doctor before completing any training. Always stop if you feel sharp pain or sickness. Always warm up and cool down before exercising.
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