Workout exercises for band super set training

When completing a super set workout using the resistance bands make sure first you check the bands for any cuts or tears, check the handles give them a good stretch before conducting the exercise.

This training method is used by overloading the body muscle groups by creating mini-circuits.
The technique from this program just focus’s on one muscle group,using a number of different exercises to muscle stimulate each group.

This Superset training can be very time efficient.

Allow 2-3 minutes rest after each super set, this is aimed at improving your strength, stamina and overall anaerobic threshold.









.bent over Lateral shoulder raises  intermediate, advanced

Muscles; Shoulders, deltoids, gluts, quads & calves

1.Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees relaxed,  both feet on resistance cord.

2.Take the handles, palms facing down, elbows stay slightly bent. Then

3.Lift arms keeping position, so that they do not come up any higher than shoulder level. Pause momentarily at this top position.

5.Slowly lower back to the starting position as you lower step into lunge. Change legs and repeat on the other side.

Complete 12 reps, stand in up right posistion ,  extend your arms above your head with bands in hands.

slowly lower and repeat .

These methods of superset training should only be used with advanced trainers, you should not use the method of training if you have high blood pressure or are new to weight lifting.

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