How To Get Abs with Resistance Band Exercises


Rotational movements for abdominal exercises are proven to be more effective than sit ups. If you are looking for the ultimate six pack you need to stop obsessing exercising with sit ups. So many people rely on crunch exercise movements that activate the rectus abdominis for toning and sculpting the stomach. The rectus abdominal muscle is only one part of abdominal and you use this on average one time per day. When you wake early in the morning and pull yourself up from bed the rectus abdominis is activated this is the most useful movement this muscle can help with.

People  who have a well toned stomachs will tell you that the key for sculpting your abs is to tense your stomach muscles in every exercise. When you tense you muscles walking, running, swimming or resistance band training this helps activate your internal and external obliques. Exercises that involve in rotating the trunk of the body are the best for toning the stomach.

Using resistance band twists as the bulk of your ab training will delivery better result overall look and function. Below you will find  demonstration of these exercises.


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