Resistance Band Exercises for Your Arms

Resistance bands are great tools when you’re trying to build muscle and achieve higher levels of fitness. One area that they can be particularly helpful for is your arms. No one likes to have “arm flaps,” which is where your underarms are waving longer than you are, and a well-defined bicep can make any sleeveless shirt or dress look great.


How do you get these kinds of arms? Here are a few arm exercises you’ll want to try with your resistance bands:

Bicep Curls. With your feet standing on the middle of your resistance band, grab the two ends, one in each hand while your arms are hanging at your sides. Keeping your upper arms next to your torso, move your elbow and bring the resistance bands up, as if you are doing a bicep curl with weights. Use slow and controlled movements, stopping once your hands are up by your chest. Hold for a count of two and then lower back to the starting position.


Triceps Press. To work your underarms, attach your resistance band to a door and, standing facing the door, grab each end with each of your hands. In a slow and controlled movement, pull the bands down to your sides and then to your rear, keeping your arms straight. Hold for a count of two and then raise them back to the starting position.


Arm Punch. Place the resistance band behind your back at shoulder height (so it lies next to your shoulder blades) while holding each end in each hand, close to your chest. In a quick, yet controlled action, punch out with one hand and then the other. Continue alternating while increasing your speed as fast as you can comfortably go.


Do these three exercises regularly and you will have arms that you are more than willing to show off.


What are your favorite arm exercises with resistance bands?









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