Resistance band chest and back exercises

This is a form of superset training, training opposite muscles on the upper body is important for balance, I normally complete one of these sessions per week, two exercises, three sets of max reps.  When running I normally  pop the resistance band in my pocket and stop to complete an upper body workout on route, it’s easy to find a bar or in this case a tree guard, always check the surface is smooth first and watch out for nails in the wood.

I completed these exercises  both with a medium strength resistance band .

reps x 40 and sets x 3 = 120 reps of t

Forward fly chest press 







Muscles; Chest pecs, shoulders and traps.
1. Hold on the rope with overhand grip attached to a pulley. Do not stand straight up but try to get in lunge position for balance.

2.Hold your hands stretched above and in front of your shoulders. Keep arms straighten slightly bend at elbows.

3. Push arms forwards and bring the palms together to reach straighten position, hold for 1 second and return to start position.


Reverse chest flye- all levels

Muscles; Traps, deltoids, pecs & shoulders
1. Hold on the handles with overhand grip attached to a bar. Do not stand straight bend at knee.


2.Hold arms forwards the palms together arms straighten position. Keep arms straight throughout exercise.


3.Pull laterally away from body, reverse fly. When shoulders reach maximum point hold for 1 second and return to start position.

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