Resistance Kinetic Leg Band Hips and Upper Thigh Workout

Fitness leg band exercises are ideal for leg strengthening. Also great for cardio fitness, because you're working against the bands as a form of resistance, your heart has to pump more blood to your cells and muscles to keep you going. Therefore, you get a stronger heart and more calories burned per session just by adding these simple little bands to your exercise routine.

This workout is ideal for strengthening Hips and Upper thighs. Recommend for lateral strengthening. I recommend that you take short breaks in-between exercises if you're new to training with FH Pro kinetic leg bands . I always warm up before exercises with these bands, normally 5 minutes skipping to raise my heart and prepare my body for the workout. Also just as important as the warm up,  stretching post workout for minimum of 5 minutes. Stretch all muscle groups used during the workout. 

Workouts with the leg bands can be challenging, after a few minutes you will often feel the effects on your legs. I always start slowly then pick up the pace gradually as the exercise continues. 

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