Plyometric Floor Sprint Fast Twitch Muscle Fibre Resistance Leg Band Exercise


Floor sprints are a great plyometric exercise that require high energy explosive movements. 

This exercise is ideal for professional athletes who are looking to strengthening your lower body muscles and increase reaction and speed movements. The exercise will increase your fast twitch muscle fibres, which help increase speed and promote muscle growth. In the press up position both upper legs and core are incorporate in the movement. 

Floor Sprint Exercise 

1. Place yourself in press up position with your feet parallel facing forwards, shoulder width  apart 

2. Keeping your left leg on the ground for support. Bring you right knee up to your right elbow as far as you can manage.

3.Pause, then push right leg back to the starting position and complete the same movement with your left leg. Keep your back naturally arched  for the entire movement.

tips for this exercise are 

  • Slow movement for beginners ,balance and strengthening the muscle,
  • Fast movement for explosive speed increase.
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