Lunge Exercise Using Resistance Leg Band Set

Resistance Lunge Exercise 

This exercise is great for increase your strength in the leading  leg, as you move forward the lead leg takes the body weight, this is good for the muscles as you will see them work on throughout the movment. The bands give resistance above the knee, this is a great way to strengthen all lower body muscles ; Hamstrings, Quads, calves and gluts

Lunge Exercise

1. With your leg, step forward about three feet until your thigh is parallel to the floor .The opposite knee is nearly touching the floor.

2. Then forward step into to start position without touching the floor.

3. Extend the raised leg into lunge position to the floor, repeat with the exercise until all the reps are completed,

tips for this exercise are 

  • Slow movement for beginners aim for balance
  • Make sure that your knee never travels over the end of your big toe
  • Don't hit the floor with the lowering knee, aim to get it 5cm from the floor 
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