basic exercises resistance band training upperbody arms session 1


Resistance Band Training Workout 1 

This workout is designed for exercise beginners. The workout is completed with equipment from our resistance band training 11pc set 

Please make sure you warm up before exercising. Just a simple jog on the spot will do, this will help increase your heart rate before the workout. 


Equipment Weight Reps Sets
Squat none Bodyweight 10 3
reverse curl Resistance Band 25 lbs Red  10 3
wood chopper Resistance Band 25 lbs Red  10 3
tricep exetension Resistance Band 25 lbs Red  10 3
overhead ab extensions Resistance Band 25 lbs Red  10



After every workout it's import to cool down. Too cool down make sure you strech off all the bodyparts worked in the workout. Do this slowly with controlled movements.

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