Resistance Band Training Chest and Abs Exercise Workout 1 


This is a basic workout for chest and core muscles. 

Please make sure you warm up before exercising. Just a simple jog on the spot will do, this will help increase your heart rate before the workout. 

Exercise Equipment Weight Reps Sets
decline press none Bodyweight 10 3
incline press Resistance Band 25 lbs 10 3
upperback row Resistance Band 25 lbs 10 3
straight arm extension Resistance Band 25 lbs 10 3
Chest press Resistance Band 25 lbs 10 3
side ab extensions Resistance Band 25 lbs 10 3
Situps none Bodyweight 10 3
knee raises none Bodyweight 10 3


This workout is designed for exercise beginners. The workout is completed with equipment from our resistance band training 11pc set .  

Our guide for training is below

Please contact a fitness professional or GP before performing any physical activity. All exercises should be made in a slow and controlled manner.

Fitness health shall not be liable for incident or consequential damages resulting from use of this product, or arising. 

We have put together some instructional video to help you get started for your first workout. 

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