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  1. Stand straight up both feet on the cord. Hold in each handle palms facing each other behind the head. Bend with elbows. 2. Nicely controlled Straighten your arms and extend towards the sky, as far as you can reach.Bend elbows back to start position, Repeat this slowly.Make sure when you standing on the cord that it’s centre level of foot , good footwear is required when standing on cord.

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Laying Cycling Kinetic Band Exercise  This exercise can be a great way to get started with the kinetic leg bands. From the laying position this is a comfortable way to start. This exercise keeps your core muscle's contracted throughout the movement, whilst your upper leg abductors and hip flexors are also engaged in this movement.  Method From the laying position raise and lift legs off the floor into kneeling position,keeping them off the floor the duration of the exercise. Extend one leg forward whilst keeping the other in the static kneeling position. Once maximum movement is reached, hold and then return to start...

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