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    Although resistance bands are designed to be used without having to be anchored to anything, sometimes it helps to use other objects to create a different pose or work a different muscle. Therefore, here are six things you can use as anchors during your resistance workouts, allowing you to strengthen your muscles almost anywhere: Tree Trunks – If you’re out in nature and want to build your physique while you’re there, you can always anchor your resistance band around a tree trunk to get a good workout. Just choose one that is healthy and wide enough so that...

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This short detailed video will show you how to use the door anchor for resistance band training.

The resistance band door anchor supports your workout from any door frame.

Anchors are made with webbing and can normally support weights up to 400 lbs.

Remember always to notify people that you’re training! When the door opens and your training on the other side it can be extremely dangerous.

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Great exercise for the sides of your stomach, these muscles are known as the obliques.   1.Hold both on the handles together with overhand grip, keeping a 90 degree bend at the elbows. Standing with a slight bend in the knees.2. Keeping you feet well positioned on the floor,  twist your hips and keep your upperbody in the same position throughout exercise. Twist towards your right and then repeat the same movement on the left. Keep your arms and shoulders in place. 3.Return to start position, complete until reps are finished.

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This video is to help people use the leg cuffs when training with the resistance set leg exercise with ankle cuff resistance set .

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