Best Shoes for CrossFit Training

Men's CrossFit Nano 4.0 Reebok

One of the reasons that CrossFit is so good for you is because it utilizes so many different exercises in an effort to get you in shape. While this is wonderful news for your body and your health, it can be a killer for your feet. That is, unless you have the proper shoes for this particular training method.

So, what are the best shoes to buy when it comes to CrossFit? Here are five characteristics you’re going to want to look for:

  • Light in weight. Because you’re going to be engaged in quite a bit of movement, you want a training shoe that doesn’t feel like it is filled with lead. The lighter, the better.
  • Breathable. Choose shoes that won’t trap the heat in your feet and that will allow the sweat to dissipate fairly easily. That way you won’t overheat them and cause the growth of fungus or create any other funky foot issue.
  • Flexible. Again, you’re going to be moving around a lot so you want a shoe that moves with you. Grab the shoe and twist and bend it to ensure that it will let your foot move during some of the more intense CrossFit exercises.
  • Quality. Now is not the time to skimp and try to save money. CrossFit can be extremely hard on your feet, so having a high quality shoe may mean the difference between excelling at the exercises and being sidelined with a blown out heel or toe.
  • Level. The lower the heel, the better the shoe for this type of training as it minimizes your risk of injury. Some CrossFit trainers choose to buy the barefoot, or five finger shoes, on the market as they have no heel whatsoever.

Buy shoes that have these five qualities and you’ll be well on your way to CrossFit success. At least, your feet will be anyway!

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