The World’s Hardest Fitness Challenges


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If you’re a fit person who is looking for a way to challenge your body and take your fitness to the next level, you have some options. Here are just a few of the toughest challenges that will help you test your body’s strength, endurance and agility, and allow you to emerge feeling as if you conquered the world itself:


If you want to test your strength and endurance, the IRONMAN will do just that. This course is essentially a triathlon as it involves running, swimming and bicycling and you can choose the level of difficulty based on weather (some are in extremely warm or cold locations) and geography (go with mountainous regions for a tougher course or stay on flatter land if you’re new to this type of challenge).

The Tough Mudder

Also known as the Warrior Dash or Warrior Challenge, this military inspired course involves pushing yourself through obstacles such as mud pits and pipelines, over hurdles like high walls and metal chain fences, and even through fire. Make it through this challenge and you can test your body even more by taking on the World’s Toughest Mudder, which has the same type of obstacles but instead of going through the course once, you go through it for 24 hours straight. Talk about endurance!

A Death Race

Whether this race style is called the death race due to the fact that you’ll wish you were dead when going through it or it will take you to the brink of death to prove your strength, you’re definitely going to challenge your body to the fullest. No two death races are the same, but be prepared to deal with things such as crawling under barbed wire, moving heavy wheelbarrows through mud, and carrying buckets of water through frigid cold seas and oceans.

Any one of these fitness challenges will test every ounce of strength you have in your body and mind. Good luck no matter which one you choose!


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