Want to Deal with Your Problems? Start Running!



Are you at a point in your life where your problems feel bigger than you can handle? Would you like to find some way to overcome them without the use of mind altering drugs or having to go to weekly counseling sessions? Then you may want to start running.

Positive Benefits of Running

When you lace up your shoes and hit the treadmill or trail, a number of very positive things begin to happen for you. Physically, your body releases endorphins which make you feel better almost instantly and as you start to tone up and slim down, how can you not be more confident in your abilities?

There are mental benefits to running as well. For instance, it clears your mind as you focus on navigating the path or trail before you, leaving you invigorated as if you just had a mini-vacation from whatever ails you. It also helps lessen any depressed feelings that your current situation may be causing, giving you a brighter, more positive perspective on the position you’re in.

How to Increase the Benefits

Additionally, if you wear headphones while running, it has an even greater effect. Just download your most inspiring music and motivate yourself while your feet are pounding the pavement. 

If you can run outdoors, the fresh air will also likely do you well, as well as a little bit of sunshine to give you the vitamin D you need to feel your best. Take in the sights and the sounds of nature around you, and let Mother Earth soothe your soul, taking away your worries and concerns.

Running is a great stress reliever and can help pull you through some pretty dark times. So, lace up your shoes and head out for some “physical” therapy. It will give you that instant pick-me-up and make your problems feel not so bad!


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