Best Running Apps

Are you a runner who is looking for some apps to keep you on track and motivated? Do you want to know the best ones to use so you don’t have to waste your time sitting in a chair searching,when you’d rather be pounding the pavement (or dirt track)? You’re in luck! Here are the top five running apps on the market right now:

1. Couch to 5k If you’re new to running, this is a great app for you. Over the course of nine weeks, a coach of your choice will create a program that helps you meet your running goals in a safe and effective training manner. It will play your favorite playlist andlog your running distance at the same time. In addition, when you’re ready to do a 5k, you can use the app to get you a discount on the entry fee for certain ones in your area.

2. Ghost Race Pro If you like to compete against yourself and are always striving to improve your times and distances, this is a great app for you. It will chart your progress daily and let you know how much you’re improving, which will keep you motivated to reach your goals. (Unfortunately, it’s only available for iPhones at this time.)

3. iSmoothrun This app tracks a number of items beneficial to any runner. For instance, it uses GPS technology to keep track of the routes you take if you like to run indoors. Prefer a treadmill? It still has advantages because it monitors your heart rate and allows you to create your own specific training program based on intervals; just change your speed when it cues you to.

4. MapMyRun If you want to track your runs and share them with all your friends on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter,MapMyRun will do that for you. It also helps you keep track of your food intake so, if you’re trying to consume fewer calories than you burn, this all-in-one app is there to make your life easier.

5. Nike+ Running App If you like to be motivated to run, Nike understands. That’s why they’ve created an app that helps you post your running goals on Facebook and sends you “cheers” on your headphones when your friends “like” or comment on your status. And, even if your own friends don’t take notice of the good you’re doing for your health, they’ll send you their own words of encouragement to keep you going.

Whatever your running needs, there’s sure to be an app that will help. Pick one, or more, and download them today!

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