How to Fuel Your Body for a Half Marathon


Training for a half marathon generally starts months (if not years) before the actual race. In fact, you likely have a complete regimen as to how many miles you need to run and when in order to best compete in the race. However, the foods you choose to fuel your body with matters too, especially the closer you get to race day.

2 to 3 Days Pre-Race

Because you are going to be spending exerting so much physical energy in a couple of days, you are going to want to eat more carbs, starting two to three days prior to the race. This doesn’t mean eating more calories, just that a higher majority of the calories you do consume should come from carbs.

The Day Before

The day before the race, you want lunchtime to be your biggest meal. By eating this way, your body will have adequate time to digest that and your smaller nighttime plate, allowing you to run without being weighed down by food that is in the early stages of the digestive process.

On Race Day

On race day, you want to start by eating a breakfast that is high in carbs, low in fiber, and easily digestible. Now is not the time to try something new, so stick to foods that your body is used to, allowing you to know exactly how it will respond when you are on the course.

And to keep yourself fueled up during the race, aim to consume anywhere between 30 and 60 grams of carbs every hour that you are running. You can do this with sports drinks, gels, or even chews, and it will allow you to finish as strong as you started.

Follow these guidelines and you will be more than ready come race day. What do you do to fuel up for a major event like a half marathon?

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