What is a Smoothie and Why Smoothies are so Great

Why Smoothies Are Great

Smoothies are great because they contain lots of minerals and vitamins. Vitamins in the
smoothies help in activating the enzymes in the body. The enzymes work to the desired
potential only due to the vitamins. For absorption, digestion and conversion of food,
enzymes are required. At the cellular level, energy is produced by the enzymes. In the
body many important activities take place due to enzymes.

Due to smoothies, the body absorbs large quantity of minerals and vitamins which it does
not absorb when you eat the fruits because most of the nutrients remain in the fiber. In the
smoothies, we blend the vegetables and the fruits which help in breaking the fiber. Once
the fiber is broken all the necessary nutrients are released and are tapped by the body with

Smoothies are very tasty and they are very good refreshment for our body. Kids always
need vital nutrients for growth and they always avoid eating fruits and vegetables, so
smoothies are the best way to provide them with all the necessary nutrients. Kids love
smoothies because of its awesome taste.

Smoothies can be easily made at home. Smoothies are the best medicines after a tiring
workout session because they energize your body immediately by providing all the
necessary vitamins and minerals.

After a workout, you should have cherry juice because it helps in faster recovery of
muscles because this smoothie has anti-inflammatory agent.

Cranberry juice is also a very good smoothie because it is high in anti-oxidants.
Cranberry juice is not very sweet. Smoothies provide additional nutrition if flax oil is
added into it because flax oil is an anti-inflammatory agent which helps in repairing and
rebuilding the tissues.

Smoothies help in burning the body fat and they also help in stabilizing the blood sugar.
Smoothies should be taken within forty-five minutes after every workout because it helps
in removing soreness from the muscles and it increases energy in the body.

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