Apple, spinach and lime vegan smoothie

This smoothie is packed full of wonderful nutrients.

Fresh spinach has a high content of natural iron and calcium.

Lime is a wonderful source of dietary fibre and vitamin c.

Apples are a good source of potassium

All you need is a food blender or a bullet style blender as shown in the picture. 


1 cup of water 

1 cup of fresh spinach - washed 

1 apple - cored and chopped 

1 lime - peeled and chopped 



Prepare the apple by removing the core and seeds then dice into cubes. Take the lime and first chop the bottom and top as this will help you peel the lime and chop into segments. 

Once this is complete place all the ingredients together into the blender and blend for a minute so that all the solids have turned to liquid. 



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