How to get faster with plyometric exercises


How to increase your speed 

Using plyometrics training is an supplement to your speed training program. Plyometrics can greatly improve your strength and power levels, it will help increase total body control since all plyometric exercises are completed by moving your own body weight.

Have you tried bounding exercises before?  box jumps, press up with claps, medicine ball throws, athletes use the  most advanced technical movements, a professional athlete always concentrates on doing the most complicated routine in their training. How do they know if actually benefiting from these exercises?  do you think they could be putting themselves  at risk for injury? Learning from basic and complex movements will reap the greatest rewards when advanced training.

Practice the movement all the way through from start too finish, if your a rugby player then you will need to be able to do a great side step. You need to practice a lateral hop exercise.

Single Leg Lateral Hops - Standing on 1 leg, jump to the opposite side and stick the landing softly and absorb the impact, hold  for 2 full seconds and then alternate to the other leg.

Plyometrics exercises requires so much power and coordination, there needs to always to  be a progression structure  like all other training routines workouts are based on overload and development. The answer to speed increase is plyometrics and progressions, to increase you speed you need to target the correct training structure,

  • What kind of progression should be followed?
  • What exercises should you start with?
  • How many do you do?
  • How often?
  • Are doing the exercises correctly
  • Do they apply to you ?
Example Plyometric exercise for a long jump. Box Jumps - Start with a 12 inch box. jumping up, go through full extension,  landing on the box quietly, absorbing the impact by bending the knees and landing  in a semi-squat position. Repeat exercise downwards. Try using the resistance kinetic bands whilst conducting this exercise for added resistance in the workout. Remember, the more efficient and controlled movements, applying force faster will be more powerful for you !
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