Speed Resistor Harness Training Improve Your Speed




Sprint speed resistance harness training uses the training concept of resistance. Holding your bodyweight back whilst you sprint,  this increases the resistance on the lower and upper body when you drive the body muscles harder and faster helping activate more fast twitch muscle fibres.

Resistor harness training helps increase the resistance and specify the training set ideally for rugby players.  As the harness represents the opposition tackler this can help increase strength and power making the player burst through the challenge. By adding a ball and pass whilst training can be also increase the specific movements for the player. All training has to be specific for the sport.

If you are a sports player and you want to increase your speed first you need to know the distance for your sprint. What’s the distance you want to improve 20 or 30 yard sprints ? or maybe 100m sprints ?

Knowing what you want to achieve in detail is essential for speed training. Once you figure out the distance you want to improve then you can get started.

For example, if you want to improve you 40 meter speed use interval training techniques to gain faster results. Training and keep changing the distances 20 m , 30 m , 15 m , 60 m or 50m.  



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