What is an Evasion Belt and How it works for Speed Reaction Fitness

The Evasion Belt is a novel piece of equipment used for general conditioning purposes or more specifically, training evasive speed. In contact sports, to outmanoeuvre a defenderthe attacker must move quicker than the person who is marking him can react. Frequently, it is the first two or three steps that will make the space needed to either avoid your opponent or be taken down by him or her. On the other hand, the defender must learn how to read subtle changes in body position, constantly be on his or her toes, and react speedily to the subsequent movements of the attacker if they are to keep him or her from accomplishing his or her objectives, so to speak. These small-spaced multidirectional agility skills are precisely addressed through the use of Evasion Belt drills. The belts essentially place contestants into a competitive one-on-one encounter by using a tear-away linking between the two belts.

The goal is for the attacker to distance him or herself sufficiently from the defender to cause the tear-away assembly to come apart in the middle. An evader is selected and has the objective of losing his or her opponent by using superior agility, while the defender simply tries to maintain pace with the evader and keep the belts whole.

On a command of some sort the drill commences and each time the evader causes the belts to dislodge, he or she earns a point. The objective is to accumulate as many points as possible in a given time frame of roughly thirty seconds. When the thirty seconds are up the players swap positions and the defender has the opportunity to score points by being the evader. Scoring points guaranteesthat the participants train at maximal capacity, which is necessary if quickness gains are to be capitalised on.[1][2]

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