What are Kbands and How they Work

Kinetic Leg Bands Speed Increasea
Kinetic Leg Bands Speed Increase


What are Kbands ?

One of the most unknown but beneficial types of resistance bands in the fitness world is the kinetic leg band. Kinetic leg bands or kbands involve two circle loops that go around each leg with two separate bands, one behind the legs and one in front, connected to each circle loop. Once on your legs any direction you move your legs, besides inward, will now have resistance. Kinetic resistance bands force you to use correct form. You don't end up letting gravity do half the work as you start tiring, and it allows you to work at angles and different planes than free weights ever allows. These different angles and planes create a full leg workout that you usually do not get.


Kinetic resistance bands are a great way to increase your speed, strength, stamina and explosiveness. Adding high kinetic energy to your lower body muscles can have great benefits. They train your muscles to activate more powerfully when exercising, with an increase in both multi directional movement and ability to react faster.



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