3 Most Important Steps for Sprinting


Although sprinting seems relatively easy—you just run as fast as you can from the start line to the finish—there is actually some technique involved when training if you want to get the best results. And the more you follow it, the faster you are, the stronger you become, and the lower your risk of injuring yourself. 

So, what is this technique?

Get High Knees

First and foremost, you want to make sure your knees come up nice and high, so they are at a 90 degree angle when you are training for sprinting. It may feel weird at first but, the more you keep at it, the more you will see an increase in your speed and strength. Just make sure your back is straight and your head is up so that you have proper posture.

Do the Butt Kick

To perform this training move, you will want to kick your heels to your buttocks as fast as possible while in a running type motion. This increases the speed of getting your foot back to the start position which will save you precious time when seconds, and milliseconds, count on the clock.

Improve Your Arm Movements

Even though sprinting is primarily leg muscle related, what you do with your arms may be the difference between you coming in first and you coming in last. If you prefer the former, then make sure you alternate your arms when you run. This will help propel you forward, increasing the odds that you will pass your opponents on your way to the gold medal.

Do these three things when training for your sprinting and you’ll see an increase in your sprinting speed and strength. 

How do you train for sprinting? What techniques have helped you earn the gold, silver, or bronze?

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