Basic Speed Hurdle Sports Team Drills


Hurdles are great pieces of equipment to help you build your lower body power and speed. Plus, there are a number of different drills to choose from, which means that you will never get bored and always be able to challenge your body, helping it advance in regard to fitness and performance measures.

With that thought in mind, here are some drills that you can do with your own speed agility hurdles (place your hurdles approximately one meter apart for these drills):

  • 1-step speed drill: To do the 1-step, simply run through them, placing one foot in between each one as you progress forward. Try to do this as quickly as possible, increasing your speed with each pass.

  • 2-step speed drill: The 2-step speed drill is like the 1-step except you’re going to place both feet (one at a time) between each hurdle before advancing to the next one. Again, aim to complete the hurdles as fast as you can so that you increase your speed.

  • Side step speed drill: For the side step, you’re going to run sideways through the hurdles, placing both feet on the ground between each hurdle before moving on to the next one. Go through them with your right side first and then your left. You’ll probably notice that one is easier than the other but, with practice, you can learn to master both with maximum speed.

  • The crossover. Again, going sideways through the hurdles, strive to place one foot in between each hurdle, crossing them one over the other to make it through the entire drill.

  • The hop. Another speed hurdle drill to consider is to hop in between each of the hurdles. This helps build your leg muscles as you power between the hurdles from beginning to end.

What are some of your favorite speed hurdle drills?

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