Football Speed Drills You Can Do with Cones


If your goal is to increase your speed on the football field, using cones is a great way to do it. Not only do they create set-points for you to aim toward, but you can also set them up in a number of different ways, allowing you to train doing a number of different speed-related drills so you become the best athlete ever.

Here are a few cone drills to consider:

Forward-Back Drill

  • Forward-Back Drill. To complete this speed drill, place five cones in a straight line approximately five yards apart. Starting at the first cone, sprint to the third one. Once there, quickly turn directions and sprint back to the second cone before switching direction again and sprinting to cone four. Upon arriving at cone four, turn and sprint back to cone three before turning yet again and sprinting to cone five.
  • Sideways Cone Drill. Keeping the cones in the same position as the forward-back drill, stand sideways so they are all positioned to your left. Starting at the first cone, lower your body weight so you are in a wrestling type stance and shuffle to the left as fast as you can until you get to the second cone. Once you get there, switch sides so your right side is closest to the remaining cones and shuffle as quickly as you can to the third one. Continue alternating until you get through all of the cones.
Football exercise drills T cone
  • The T Drill. To perform the T Drill, set up four cones in the shape of a “t” with a fifth one placed in the middle. Starting at the middle cone, sprint up the top cone, circling around it and running backward toward the middle cone. From there, shuffle out to the left cone before circling around it and shuffling to your right, or back to the starting cone. Do the same type of movements with the lower cone and the cone to the right.

These are just three football speed drills you can do with your cones. What are some others that you can add to the list?

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