Natural Weight gain from high energy snacks



Its important to keep yourself packed with energy for weight gain and growth, Its important for the younger athletes to maintain  a good weight and to keep energy levels high. The young sport professionals of today have a strict health and diet programs which are designed for energy impact, each depending on which high energy  sport they compete at.  

Normally a young athlete would consume seven snacks or meals per day to maintain a good balance, so that the muscles in the body can grow, strengthen or repair. Young professional athletes are thought about the body system, so that they can understand why and when they need to snack.

Often high carb snacks are consumed two hours before main event, then after the event protein snacks are eaten to rebuild the muscles.   If your target is for weight gain eat high calorie carbs to overload your system, here are some ideas for natural fuels;  

Cheese - sliced, cubed or grilled on toast

Porridge with fruit and milk 

Cereals wholegrain with whole milk

Muffins, scones, rolls or bagels Jam or honey on toast

Sandwich- peanut butter, chicken, cheese, ham , tuna or even banana

Dried fruit with nuts

Nuts - mixed with no salt

Bread - malt loaf, fruit bread, sun dried tomato bread or olive bread 

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