Protein supplements, choosing the right one

Not sure which one to choose? The enormous variety of sports and weight supplements on the market make it a hard decision to make. The supplement market is booming and they now come in all shapes and sizes, as powders, pills, liquids and tablets it's often confusing to find the right supplement for yourself.

Products give you different prices, weights and ingredients, so which protein is the best for you ? the first thing is to beware of protein powders that are mixed with carbohydrate, just because the larger one is cheaper sometimes means take they would of bulked it out with other ingredients. Most will not go for cost rather than flavour !

It's always good to first look at your own daily diet and see where you can add natural proteins into your system, food products, such like fish, soy beans and eggs. Its best to intake your protein through your diet using natural foods, this is more cost effective and lets  you know what you eating 100% of the time. 

\Look for supplements containing amino acids arginine and ornithine, as these are thought to stimulate the release of growth hormones which helps enhance muscle synthesis. Natures way is often better, as healthy foods often contain a correct balance of nutrients, the man made process is a fine art and can be hard to master.

Supplements can often leave you with an unbalanced product which does not deliver on all the promises it made. So remember to build muscle and maintain strength you need protein intake directly post workout. This will replenish all muscles worked on well and fast ! I recommend these two protein supplements.

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