3 Best Vitamins for Active Women

Vitamins for women

Being a woman who works just as hard in the gym or on the field (such as in sports) as you do on the job means that your body needs specific vitamins to be able to sustain your active lifestyle. What vitamins, you ask?

These three, specifically:

Vitamin B Complex – Not only do the B vitamins help give you energy so that you can manage your strenuous workouts and sports activities, but they also make sure you have enough oomph to handle the rest of your obligations as well (like family and work). You can find them in foods like dark leafy greens, shellfish and potatoes. In addition, if you want to have children, you’ll want to make sure you get enough of the B vitamin folate as it is healthier for you and the baby, and you’ll find it in foods such as black eyed peas, spinach and asparagus.

Vitamin D – Women have a higher risk of osteoporosis (also known as brittle bone disease) than men, which is why vitamin D is important if you are female. It is even more so if you’re an active female because you don’t want to suffer from any broken bones or fractures while engaged in exercise related activities. Additionally, D is known for its anti-depressant qualities which can help any woman who has a tendency to feel down in the dumps from time to time. You can find it in vitamin fortified milk, salmon and tuna, but you can also get it from spending a few minutes daily in direct sunlight too.

Calcium – This nutrient also helps keep your bones strong, but it has also been linked to greater weight control which is something that a large number of women struggle with. As an added bonus, women who get adequate amounts of calcium also tend to suffer with fewer PMS symptoms. Some high calcium dietary options include orange juice, yogurt, tofu and sardines.

If you are a woman, be sure to get these three very important vitamins and minerals in your diet daily and you will optimize your fitness and support your active lifestyle – allowing you to easily reach your health and fitness goals!

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