The Best 3-Day Pre-Competition Diet




If you’re going to be engaged in a lengthy competition, such as running a marathon, participating in a triathlon, or any other physically taxing event that takes place over the course of several hours, proper nutrition can be the difference between coming in first place and not even being able to complete the course. Therefore, here is the best 3-day pre-competition diet plan to follow if your goal is to raise your hands in victory as you cross the finish line:

Day #3 – 2 Days Before the Event

You want to start building your glycogen stores about two days before the big event, so make sure your meals are mostly carbohydrates, with about one-third of them protein-based. Plus, you’ll want to boost your water intake so that your muscles are properly hydrated for the activity they’re about to endure.

Day #2 – The Day Before the Event

Keep with the same type of eating on the day before the event (two-thirds carbs, one-third protein) and drink adequate water amounts. You also want to have a high-carb snack before bedtime, like a piece of fruit or granola bar, to give yourself an additional glucose infused punch.

Day #1 – Race Day

Most star athletes will tell you that they load up on carbs two to three hours prior to the start of the event. This gives you enough energy to make it from start to finish and one of the best ways to do this is by eating a bowl of pasta. Also, be sure to fuel up on energy bars and sports drinks every 45-60 minutes during the activity so that you replenish the electrolytes and sodium you are losing in your sweat.

Eat like this and you should have more than enough energy to power through your competition. 

What do you like to eat prior to your big events?

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