The Use Of Protein Supplements - Post Game

The Use Of Protein Supplements - Post Game - Fitness Health


The Use Of Protein Supplements - Post Game

Proteins are macronutrients consisting of amino acids. Amino acids are used for several things within the human body. Getting them in the right quality and quantity is very important for athletes. Proteins are essential for building and repairing muscle tissues. Protein supplements are used to increase performance, help in recovery and in supporting general health of the athletes.


Post-Game Recovery:

Post-game recovery and nutrition are just as important as your pre-game preparation. The body requires nutrients to get you through the next practice, the next game that you will be playing. The body muscles act like a sponge after a game. They are ready to take up nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates to repair the muscles. By taking a protein that gets absorbed quickly such as whey protein, right after the game, you’re giving your muscles the amino acids they require to repair, heal and grow.


Muscle Protein Synthesis:

The process of rebuilding and repairing the muscle fibers which are torn during the game is called muscle protein synthesis. In this process, amino acids are used which are essential for health recovery and growth of the muscles. After a strenuous game, the micro-tears in the muscles increase the body's demand for the amino acids which help in repairing and rebuilding the muscular tissue. This helps to increase the speed at which the body heals those tears, which in turn reduces the recovery time required after the game.

If proteins which are high in leucine are taken by the players after the match and the training, it helps and facilitates the recovery by promoting muscle protein synthesis.


Protein Supplements After The Game:

After arduous and demanding physical activity, the rate of protein synthesis in the human body is increased to reconstruct and repair the muscles. This leads to an increase in the demand for protein by the body, thus leading to an increase in the consumption of protein in order to fulfill the requirements. The best time to take protein supplements after the physical activity is within thirty minutes of the end.  This will refuel the muscles, and give them the nutrients necessary to heal, rebuild and recover. The muscles will get a huge benefit from a supply of protein following the intense exertion.


Whey Protein:

Muscles are damaged and strained during the game. In order to repair and heal these muscles, protein is required. Whey protein is digested in a short amount of time, thus giving the muscles the nutrition they require quickly. Another advantage of using Whey protein is the fact that since it is mixed with water, it can be taken directly after the game and at times when you cannot have solid food.


Protein Shakes:

Taking protein regularly shakes after the game, helps in replenishing and restoring the body's stores of energy. Furthermore, several protein shake products also contain carbohydrates, which are helpful in refilling and refreshing the muscles' exhausted glycogen levels. Players tend to experience pain and inflammation in their joints and muscles after the game. Drinking a protein shake which contains whey protein would help a lot in this case since whey protein has several anti-inflammatory properties.



The benefits of using Protein supplements after a game have been discussed above. There are many supplements that the players can consume. It is the job of their sports nutritionist to choose the supplements according to the situation and performance level required. The legal aspect of supplements used should also be kept in mind. Protein supplements should be taken along with a balanced diet. Protein supplements are used in order to better the performance of the player during the game and help in recovery after the game.


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