strength training


The development of strength is one of the most important parts of any training program, most people think strength training is the growth and bulk of the muscles. This is incorrect, strength training is purely fixated on increasing strength not size.


Strength training 


Think of a professional weight lifter, a person whom wants to become stronger, but doesn't want the muscles to grow in size, maintaining a low body weight so they stay at the same weight class. Strength training primary aims to increase the use of muscle fibres not the growth. The more fibres turned on the more weight you can lift The top three type of strengths

  1. Speed strength - the ability to increase explosion movement -sprinting
  2. Max Strength - the ability to use maximal force with one single effort - weight lifting
  3. Explosive strength - Ability to transfer maximal force in a second - Long jump
These are the most commonly types of strength training, training and High Intensity training Multiple sets - programs which work the muscle continuously, with more reps achieved  more strength gains made will increase Maximal strength. High Intensity training - This is explosion training,  changing levels, techniques and weights helps develop your muscle fibres working at a high training rate will increase Speed and explosive strength. Strength training equipment Resistance bands are amazing tools for strength training, unlike weight training you cant see the loads which you are using, the exercises are aimed to strength body movements. Like a boxer who wants to have a stronger combinations this can be achieved with the resistance from the bands, the bands are linked into the movement which the boxer would normally use, they work reaction and strength of the muscle groups.

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