What is total fitness?

total fitness
Total fitness

A person with total fitness is described as a person that has the ability to cope with many problems and stresses which they have been dealt from modern day life.

A person with total fitness will be able to make fast and more effective decisive decisions, also will tend to see more good than bad from problems that occur.

Having a high level of cardiovascular and muscular fitness, with give you the ability to maintain a positive and meaningful social relationships.

An active lifestyle includes more good habits, normally the more fitness you do the better you treat yourself!

Total fitness is a multi- dimensional concept that includes aspects such as emotional, social, spiritual, mental, nutritional and physical fitness.

A new study at the University of Hertfordshire found that people who, Danced more than twice a week were faster and more creative at making decisions. Also another University in Finland found that the best way to exercise your entire brain is with music.