What is total fitness?

What is total fitness? - Fitness Health

Total fitness

A person with total fitness is described as a person that has the ability to cope with many problems and stresses that they have been dealt from modern-day life.

A person with total fitness will be able to make fast and more effective decisive decisions, and also will tend to see more good than bad from problems that occur.

Having a high level of cardiovascular and muscular fitness, with give you the ability to maintain positive and meaningful social relationships.

An active lifestyle includes more good habits, normally the more fitness you do the better you treat yourself!

Total fitness is a multi-dimensional concept that includes aspects such as emotional, social, spiritual, mental, nutritional and physical fitness.

A new study at the University of Hertfordshire found that people who, Danced more than twice a week were faster and more creative at making decisions. Also, another University in Finland found that the best way to exercise your entire brain is with music.

What does Total Fitness mean?

Total fitness is determined by the level of fitness that the person performs in all aspects of physical fitness. You have no problem lifting weights on your bare legs. Similarly one should assess if you can run a hundred meters and how much you can run.

Personal Training 

Understanding how Personal Trainers can improve your life is important to understand how they can help your business. Whatever your goals are, relationships will extend beyond your physical environment.


Total Fitness Health Clubs

Who is Total Fitness owned by?

The Total Fitness business acquired North Edge Capital in 2015, and Sophie Lawler became CEO of Total Fitness in July 2018.

Is Total Fitness going into administration?

Total Fitness enters into an CVA and claims the vast majority are returning to the market. Total fitness entered into a voluntary company arrangement following an intense pandemic lockdown.

Can you go to Total Fitness without a membership?

No commitments, with no membership we don't need any length of time. Enjoy a rolling monthly membership that can be cancelled anytime if it suits your needs.

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