3 Gains Needed to Increase Muscular Strength

3 Gains Needed to Increase Muscular Strength - Fitness Health


The great thing about having stronger muscles is that a number of things become easier. From opening jars to lifting kids to moving furniture around, increasing muscle strength is one way to accomplish all of these and more. So, what gains are needed to enjoy these types of benefits?

Weight Gain

No, you don’t want to pack extra pounds on your body in order to grow your muscles. In this case, weight gain refers to adding more weights to your routine. In other words, if you are currently lifting 20 pound dumbbells for your bicep curls, you might want to kick it up to 25 pounds.

The one thing to remember when it comes to increasing weights is to take it slow. Adding too much weight too quickly can increase your risk of injury, which is going to ultimately hurt your muscle strength in the end.

Rep Gain

Another way to increase your muscle strength is to increase your reps. So, if you are currently doing three sets of 10, for instance, then do three sets of 12 or three sets of 14.

By adding one or two more reps to each set you are more likely to push your muscles to exhaustion. This breaks them down in order to effectively build them up.

Intensity Gain

The third gain that you need when it comes to increasing your muscle strength is a gain in intensity. This means kicking your cardiovascular routine up a notch or two in an effort to better enhance your muscles.

You can also experience positive muscle-related benefits by engaging in speed training or high intensity interval training (HIIT). The higher the intensity, the more the muscle gains.

By increasing your weights, reps, and intensity, you will also be increasing your muscle strength. What have you found to have the most positive impact on your muscles? Which gains have you tried and benefited from?


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