What will you gain from lifting the same weight for more reps?

What will you gain from lifting the same weight for more reps? - Fitness Health

 What benefit will you gain from lifting the same weight for more reps?

Does your workout provide you with a good result?

Do you spend most of your evenings in the gym working out? Is all of your invested time not giving you the results that you want even though you have been exercising for a long time? Well, this can be because you’re body has grown used to your repetitive exercise regime. Simply going to the gym isn’t going to cut it. You can do numerous reps and lift a lot of heavy weights but it won’t give you the results you want unless you understand how the human body works. Doing the same thing repeatedly allows your muscles to get used to the specific task and after a while it stops benefiting from it. 

You need a strategy!

If you are going to keep doing an intense workout without any proper strategy then my friend you are simply wasting your timing and are actually wearing out your body. When working out the first question that you are likely going to ask yourself is whether you should be lifting lighter weights and complete a higher number of repetitions or whether you should use heavier weights and complete fewer repetitions.

However what most people don’t realize is that this can actually stress out your muscles! By doing this you end up actually placing a lot of strain on your muscles during your training and then this causes you to suffer.

That is why it is always a good idea to lift the same weight for more reps. Don’t think that lifting lighter weights means you need to do double the reps when compared to you lifting heavier weights.

Now you must be wondering what benefit you will gain from lifting the same weight for more reps? Well, you must understand that for increasing your strength or for increasing your muscle mass you must lift weights as this helps in building up one's muscular strength and aids in overcoming any sort of resistance that your body might be applying. In order to build mass, you are required to focus on the amount of weight that you are lifting. However, you must realize that if you continue to lift heavier weights your muscles would become immune to them and no result will be seen. That is why a proper strategy is required.

Why wear yourself out?

Now in such cases what you are required to do is that you should lift the same weights but you can change up the number of reps that you are doing. This way your muscles will have to deal with something different each time you work out.

Changing up the number of reps you do helps because it allows your muscles to be relaxed but since you are doing a different number of reps each time your body won’t get used to it. While you keep lifting heavier or lighter weights your body tends to get worn out. This means that your body is too tired from lifting all these crazy weights and once this happens you stop seeing any signs of improving muscular mass.

There is no point in wearing yourself out and investing time in order to get results you will never receive. Lifting the same weights for more reps provides you with an opportunity to keep your muscles active, your body won’t wear out, plus you’ll add an element of surprise for your body as well. This way you’ll be able to see quite a lot of improvement in your muscular mass and will also be able to improve your strength along the way.



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